Bridal // Wedding Edition I

For the post-COVID brides

I can’t really write a lot today, so instead I’ll mood board for you.

If you’re planning a post-COVID wedding, it will likely be outdoors and intimate. Whether you just got married or engaged, or if you had to postpone your wedding plans — we hope our page focused on weddings will inspire you. Here are three cute styles — -


Alicia Lucia Photography


Alicia Lucia Photography


Wedding Chicks

Nature often evokes romanticism and all three of these settings highlight a beautiful setting created by God. I can’t wait for June 2022 when more traditional weddings will be allowed to return.

Over the next (nearly) two years, we will be documenting the bridal & wedding lifestyle and what goes into this life process. Being a wedding creative director or spiritual advisor has been a dream of mine, and I’ve been interested for a few years now.

Growing up, I was obsessed with being a flower girl and I want to help people to plan celebratory events that convene loved ones, express individuality, and create lasting memories for the entire family.

Styled Elopements is a wedding planning company that is perfect for the couple that is willing to have a super-intimate experience, at a much sooner date. They offer a number of packages and styles to choose from- perfect for a couple that doesn’t have time to do much planning.

Small Guest Lists | Extraordinary Impact
A Planning Process As Seamless As It Gets
Dream Big + Show Up | We’ve got the rest.

I want to send a thank you to the team at Styled Elopements. I love anthuriums — they were my grandmother’s favorite flower and grow abundantly on the Big Isle of Hawaii. They kindly sent these postcards to me. I love picking up postcards as I travel and think that wedding postcards would be the cutest idea!

Stay tuned for more wedding vibes ❤❤❤



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