Elise Hatsuko

International Church of Cannabis members, called Elevationists, use cannabis to accelerate their spiritual journeys.

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The International Church of Cannabis is a religious organization in Denver that uses cannabis as a sacrament. Members claim that the use of cannabis helps elevate people to a higher understanding of self.

I was just driving by after lunch and saw the sign for this cannabis church. …

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In law school, I focused my work on The Status of Women. When I saw that Denver had a museum on the history of women, I knew I had to visit! The Byers–Evans House Museum seeks to expand the understanding of and collective memory of the history of women in…

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At the Granby Public Library, they are featuring an art exhibit by Jordy Mack Art for 2021. Photographer and watercolorist, Jordyn Van Gaalen, created Sprakeloos — which means, “not capable of being expressed in words”.

Granby is located just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. I loved the appreciation that…

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You may wonder why God allows you to experience pain. If He was really all-powerful and loving, wouldn’t He stop us from experiencing trials?

God gives me a vision of a book sitting on a table, closed. As we go through life, we turn each page of this book. However…

Elise Hatsuko

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